Flat in Athens



Colors, irony, senses constantly changing, unique shapes and objects: Kartell's products can be recognized in the first sight because of their design, toughness and incontestable quality.

All aforementioned characteristics have been the most important factor for Mr. George Karambellas to choose Kartell. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful houses we've ever seen.

Kartell's products are easy to use and provide all rooms with a unique decorative character that helps their owner to express himself through his choices.

"Life has a concept" is the moto of Concept+ creative director, Mr. George Karambellas and this is something that everyone can feel once you visit their stylish website for their new service, Α Je Ne Sais Quoi/ Βespoke Wallpaper.
αdescover their avant garde services of Α Je Ne Sais Quoi/ Βespoke Wallpaper.