• The orders received by areadomus.gr are processed from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 am to 15:00 pm.
  • The orders submitted on Sundays and holidays are processed on the next working day.
  • The products are delivered within 24-48 hours regarding orders placed until 15:00 pm and concern products that are available at the date of order.
  • Delivery time may be affected by the method of payment that the customer has chosen, as well.
  • Orders for deliveries in Greece and worldwide are accepted.
  • The timetables of each shipment are defined unilaterally by areadomus.gr.
  • Partial shipment of the products of an order is not excluded, if agreed with the client.


  • The sold products to be delivered, are being shipped to the address and the recipient that the customer has specified while submitting his order, which has been accepted by the areadomus.gr.
  • Areadomus.gr chooses freely the means of dispatch and informs relatively the customer by the same e-mail that notifies him for the acceptance of the order, as well as the shipping cost if there is any or, later, with new correspondence, in case shipment concerns a remote or inaccessible destination.

Delivery Costs

  1. Shipping to Greece: orders up to 99euro - 15 euro charges |||| Orders above 100euro - free freight
  2. Shipping to E.U. : orders up to 599euro - 50 euro charges |||| Orders above 600euro - free freight
  3. Shipping to Asia/ Africa/ Americas, Australia/ Oceania: orders up to 1.199euro - 90 euro charges |||| Orders above 1.200euro - free freight