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    1) General Terms is an online store that sells products through internet, which was created and functions by the company “Georgios-Alexandros Christodoulou”, located in Kalamaria – Thessaloniki, 24 Andrianoupoleos str., PC 55133, with email address and telephone helpline +30 2310-428330.

    • The following terms and conditions apply to the use of the online store that operates under the trademark areadomus.
    • Every user that enters the online store and trades is considered to agree with the following conditions, that are hereby set out, without exception.
    • If a user does not agree with these terms, then he should, at his own responsibility, refrain from visiting and using the website as well as from any other transaction with the online store.

    1b) Information and Products

    • Α commits as to the accuracy, truth and completeness of the information cited in the online store, regarding the identity of as well as the transactions that can be provided through the online store.
    • does not bear any responsibility and is not committed by electronic data entries that have, obviously, been uploaded by mistake and shall be entitled to rectification whenever becomes aware of their existence.

    1c) Limitation of liability (Disclaimer)

    • does not bear any responsibility and is not obliged to pay any damages at all, within its transactions through the online store, for any potential damage or loss that may occur as a result from cancelling an order, not executing or delaying an order, for any reason.
    • Does not guarantee the availability of products displayed in the online store, but shall inform the customer concerned for their availability or not, based on the data that is kept, and undertakes to promptly inform customers if they are not available, in case this changes, so that, in this case, it bears no further responsibility.
    • The online store provides the content (information, names, photographs, illustrations), the products and services available through the website "as they are".
    • does not bear any civil or criminal liability at all for any damage, consisting of loss of profits, data, lost profits, compensation, etc. that a visitor of the online store or a third party who is related to the operation or not and / or use of the website might suffer from and / or inability to provide products and / or information available from this and / or any unauthorized third party interventions to products and / or services or information available through it.

    2) Privacy Policy, Security & Privacy, Trade Secret

    • recognizes the importance of the security issue of personal data and electronic transactions and has taken all necessary measures in order to achieve the maximum possible security.
    • All information related to the users’ personal data are safeguarded as confidential in compliance with the current legislation to safeguard personal data.
    • The security of the online store is achieved through the following methods:
      • Upon completion of his registration, the user receives an Input code (Username) and a secret Security Code (Password), that offer secure access to his personal data, every time he registers them.
      • He is given the opportunity to change the password as often as he desires.
      • The only person who has access to his data is himself through the above code and is solely responsible for maintaining them secret from third parties.
      • In case the password is lost or has leaked he should notify immediately, otherwise the latter is not responsible for the use of his password by an unauthorized person.
      • does not, in any way, disclose or publish users’ / customers’ personal data and information.
      • Personal data are used exclusively for the efficient execution of transactions.
      • All information is encrypted and stored safely.
      • To ensure privacy of data transfer, uses encryption protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is the most secure platform for on-line trading, today.
      • The SSL protocol encrypts all personal information, credit card number, name and address so that they cannot be read or altered during their transport over the Internet.
      • The SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) is the global standard for certifying websites to network users and to encrypt data between network users and network servers.
      • All information sent using the SSL protocol is protected by a special operating system that verifies automatically whether the data has been altered during transit.
      • The users’ information (name, occupation, address, home address, landline phone, mobile phone, etc.) and the online store users’ transactions are restricted, as in ordinary transactions at a commercial store.
      • The users, during the provision of their data, within their transactions, as well as with the present terms of use, will be informed by and consent and accept the imminent data processing of this personal data for the purpose of smooth and easy transaction between the parties, as well as the transmission of these data to recipients who will be specifically identified.
      • It also hereby disclosed there is always the right of access and the right to object under Article 12 and 13 of Law. 2472/1997. It is confirmed that only authorized employees have access to information and transactions only when necessary, eg for processing orders.
      • In any other case, is committed not to disclose customer information and transactions, unless it has written authorization from them, or this is imposed by a court order or decision of any public authority.
      • The personal data declared in the online store are used exclusively by the online store or affiliated business, to support, promote and execute the trading relationship. All of the documents and electronic data to be exchanged between the parties in the context of the sale shall be kept by
      • The customer can access them if he wishes to.

    3) Product availability & Price policy

    • The customer is informed about the availability of products through relative verbal indications posted on the page of each article in the online store.
    • In particular, the categories of the products are readily available, available upon request.
    • Α reserves the right to inform customers, after placing an order, about the possible delivery time of the product, in case the product is not available. In this case, provided that the delay makes the transaction unprofitable for the customer, the customer is entitled to cancel the order, without any penalty for the customer.
    • If the unavailability concerns a part of the ordered articles, the rest of the order is executed normally except for the case that articles ordered are relevant and the customer stated that partial execution of the order does not meet his needs or interests, so must cancel the entire order.
    • Time priority is strictly kept when executing orders.
    • reserves the right to change prices without prior notice to the customer.

    4) Management, Receipt and Acceptance of orders

    Ordering a product from is not equated with the establishment of any contract between the user and unless accepts the order by e-mail, which shall confirm the availability, description and price of the product that was ordered.

    The acceptance of the purchase shall be completed when the sending of the e-mail is confirmed, regardless of whether it was received or not.

    If the user of the online store wishes to submit an order may, previously, follow the user registration procedure in the online store so that he is recognized and identified by the store for safety reasons of future transactions.

    Regarding the placement of an order, he may submit the order through the special form in the online store which comprises the products he wishes to obtain.

    The order does not bind the company before it confirms its acceptance as below.

    Before submitting the order the customer is notified the following as terms of sale and the customer states, before the transmission of the order, by marking the indication "I accept the Terms of Use" that he is explicitly aware and accepts the following data that are disclosed to him through his order and the special link:

    • The characteristics of the products ordered as described in the pages of the store he visited, which he must use in order to check every single characteristic, before submitting the order so that he does not have any doubt. The client's failure to be adequately informed does not rest upon but is the customer’s exclusive responsibility.
    • The identity of, the address, telephone number, fax number and email address.
    • The individual and the total value of the goods ordered, including VAT and any other fee, and every other additional freight, delivery, installation charges.
    • The fact that such additional charges may be payable, when such charges cannot be reasonably calculated in advance.
    • undertakes to inform the customer before sending the order to him.
    • The prices of products indicated on the website are always the final (that includes the corresponding VAT) and apply for the sale of the products through the online store and their delivery by shipment to the customer, but for the sale of the products and their pickup from the store under the trademark, as well.
    • Prices in the presentation page of each product in the online store do not include shipping costs, which are consequently calculated in the page of the order according to the relative rules on charges.
    • If the shipping cost, cannot be reasonably calculated in advance because of the particularity of the delivery site, a reservation is declared on the order document regarding surcharges on shipping costs, which are being calculated and disclosed to the client and his acceptance is requested until the final acceptance of the order by by a ​​telephone call.
    • The arrangements for the payment, delivery, execution, the term within which undertakes to deliver the goods and, where applicable, the policy of for addressing complaints or the conditions, exceptions, deadline and the exercise of withdrawal procedures.
    • That the customer shall bear the cost of returning the goods in case of withdrawal.
    • That if the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal after having made use of the provision, should pay reasonable costs to
    • When the Law provides no right of withdrawal, the information that the consumer shall not have a right of withdrawal or, where applicable, the circumstances under which the consumer loses his right of withdrawal.
    • Reminder of the existence of the liability of the seller for actual faults and lack of agreed properties according to Articles 534 of the Civil Code, where a property is considered to have been agreed only if it is concluded in writing.
    • The obligation to pay by submitting the order if there is such obligation.
    • Whether there are delivery restrictions and what are the acceptable means of payment.
    • Each customer’s order, is always followed by an automated electronic e-mail message, in a short time, sent by, that confirms the receipt of the order and repeats its content.
    • This e-mail sent on behalf of, constitutes only a confirmation that the order has been received with the content referred to in it and, in no way, does it constitute an acceptance of the order or a conclusion of terms of sale.
    • No modification of the order or a new agreement on it is accepted if it is not in written and accepted by both sides.
    • The confirmation of receipt of the order can be made by telephone as well, if the customer agrees and if the species of the product(s) is/are not available, then an agreement for the delivery time is required.
    • Following the receipt of the order and the above mentioned confirmation of its receipt, if confirms the availability of the product and that the order is proper and the absence of any possible errors in the online store regarding the product’s pricing, their characteristics etc., it shall confirm the acceptance of the order with a new e-mail, its content, the conclusion of a sale contract and the expected delivery time of the product as it was already notified before placing the order, then, and in this case only, the sale is considered to have been concluded and generates adversarial claims for both sides.
    • If the issue of the acceptance by the customer for the shipping cost surcharges is still pending, it shall be agreed before the final approval of the order by by contacting the customer by telephone.
    • If the delivery area is not covered by the distribution network of the transport company, the customer is informed in advance for the charge of the shipment and undertakes himself any obligation against the carrier.
    • is not bind, under any circumstances, according to the principles of good faith and morals of transactions, to accept orders and conclude a sale of goods or services appearing in the online store, due to a typographical or computer error, with incorrect price ie different from the real price based on the pricing policy for the said period.
    • In case an error is found regarding the price of only a part of the ordered articles, the order still applies only to the other articles and is void for the articles where the error was found, except for the case where those articles in the order are related, in such a way that must cancel the entire order.
    • No additional charge in the order shall be borne by the customer without his express consent.
    • The shipment of the order to, in order to be approved, equates to declaration of acceptance and consent for all charges referred to in the order.
    • If there is no consent, the customer is entitled to a refund of his payment.
    • Furthermore, in case products are shipped, although they have not been ordered, and the customer fails to not accept them or to return them back and his being indifferent shall not be interpreted as consent, as acceptance or declaration of intent to purchase them.
    • If he is requested to return them by and he stalls to deliver the articles in order to be returned for more than two (2) working days then his refusal constitutes a declaration of intent to purchase the articles and the articles are considered to have been sold to the customer and he must pay their price in cash.
    • The client has also the ability to be informed about the progress of the order, either by phone at +30 2310.428330 or by e-mail to the email address

    5) Ordering, Payment, Shipping

    5a) Ordering

    • Through our online store: Sign in to, browse our online store and choose the products you want by adding them to your "basket".

    Complete your purchase by giving the information you are being requested from the system while completing your order.

    • By telephone: Calling at +30 2310428330 you can make your order by phone from Monday to Friday 10:00 to 20:00 and Saturday 10:00 to 15:00 to help you choose the right kind for you and order it.

    5b) Payment

    • Credit card: The customer can pay the price of the sale and the other agreed fees and surcharges by charging his credit or debit or prepaid card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Diners Club, etc.) issued by a recognized Greek or foreign bank, which is accepted by for the transaction. The credit card is charged after the card’s data and validity has been verified and certified while approves and accepts the order, which equates to the conclusion of a sales contract (the charge can be made even if one or more of the articles are not readily available and must be ordered from the supplier of The customer is the only responsible for the proper registration and the truth of the credit card data and bears no liability at all in case of an error.
    • Cash: The customer can pay the price of the sale and the other agreed fees and charges in cash, payable in the cashier of the shop when the customer chooses "pickup from the store"
    • Bank transfer: The customer can pay the price of the sale and the other agreed fees and charges by depositing the equivalent in one of the three available accounts.

    ◦ EFG Eurobank: GR14 0260 1390 0003 3020 0644 670

    ◦ Piraeus Bank: GR84 0171 6030 0066 0312 6081 861

    ◦ Alpha Bank: GR52 0140 7060 7060 0200 2017 442

    • Consequently, it is necessary, for the charge and shipment of the order, that the customer sends by e-mail or fax the receipt of the bank deposit. e-mail:, fax: +30 2310 426730

    The procedure for shipping the order starts after the deposit receipt has been received.

    • Through PayPal. Account: The customer can pay the price of the sale and the other agreed fees and charges through the online payment service PayPal. Upon completion of your order, the customer must be connected to the (PayPal account) to confirm the payment.

    The procedure of shipping the order starts after the confirmation of payment to the PayPal account.

    • COD (Collect On Delivery): The customer can pay the price of the sale and the other agreed fees and charges in cash on delivery, that is by paying the amount to the distributor of who is authorized to collect it, upon delivery of the goods sold at the place of delivery that was declared in the order.

    The COD payment can be made only in cash and only for orders under 100€

    When an invoice is requested for the purchase (sale to a trader) the COD cannot exceed EUR € 500 in total. has the discretion to request a deposit in advance (40% of the total order value) on the total purchase price (including shipping costs and other charges) in order to start executing the order either by payment in cash at a shop or by charging the customer’s credit card and, in case of the customer refuses to pay the amount of the advance, it is entitled to refrain from fulfilling its obligations deriving from the sale contract until the customer complies with this claim.

    This applies particularly in cases where one or more of the products sold is required to be ordered from a supplier.

    For all COD sales, the confirmation and acceptance of the order is made like in all other cases in writing (e mail) but in this case, it is additionally made by telephone confirmation directly with the customer, as well.

    5c) Shipping

    • The orders received by are processed from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 am to 15:00 pm.
    • The orders submitted on Sundays and holidays are processed on the next working day.
    • The products are delivered within 24-48 hours regarding orders placed until 15:00 pm and concern products that are available at the date of order.
    • Delivery time may be affected by the method of payment that the customer has chosen, as well.
    • Orders for deliveries in Greece and worldwide are accepted.
    • The timetables of each shipment are defined unilaterally by
    • Partial shipment of the products of an order is not excluded, if agreed with the client.

    5d) Delivery

    • The sold products to be delivered, are being shipped to the address and the recipient that the customer has specified while submitting his order, which has been accepted by the
    • chooses freely the means of dispatch and informs relatively the customer by the same e-mail that notifies him for the acceptance of the order, as well as the shipping cost if there is any or, later, with new correspondence, in case shipment concerns a remote or inaccessible destination.

    5e) Shipping Costs

    • The shipment and the charges of the products sold are as follows:
    1. Shipping to Greece: orders up to 99euro - 15 euro charges |||| Orders above 100euro - free freight
    2. Shipping to E.U. : orders up to 599euro - 50 euro charges |||| Orders above 600euro - free freight
    3. Shipping to Asia/ Africa/ Americas, Australia/ Oceania: orders up to 1.199euro - 90 euro charges |||| Orders above 1.200euro - free freight

    5f) General conditions for shipping goods and services

    • The company reserves the right to modify the shipping ways, terms and rates at will and without prior warning and undertakes to inform potential customers for these changes by reviewing the present terms of use of the online store.

    6) Withdrawal and Return Policy, Product Warranties

    6a) Withdrawal - Order Cancellation by the customer

    • The cancellation of the order by the customer due to repentance can be accepted only if the article has not been invoiced yet and dispatched for shipment by
    • The cancellation of the order by the customer due to repentance is accepted only if the article is readily available (in stock in our warehouse). The cancellation is, under no circumstances, acceptable if it concerns a product that has been ordered specially for the customer by our supplier.
    • The cancellation can be made by e-mail to by the customer or by telephone.
    • The customer must declare the exact details of his order.
    • The cancellation shall not take place if it is not confirmed to the customer by by e-mail or by telephone.
    • If the customer has already paid the price of the approved order, before the cancellation declaration, and has already received it, then shall within thirty (30) calendar days return to the client the amount received in the same way he made the payment (a reversal of the amount in a bank account, in cash, etc.).
    • In case the customer has sent a payment mandate, but the money has not been received yet from (such as eg. in the case of credit card debit), then undertakes to proceed in all necessary actions and statements required to every competent institution (Bank, etc.) in order to notify the cancellation of the order and the refund of any amount that was charged to the customer, within the period of thirty (30) calendar days.
    • In this case, is considered to have been lawfully fulfilled its obligations, and every charge shall be invalidated based on the terms of the contract linking the customer with this third entity (bank, etc.) and bears no responsibility for the time needed for the refund or reversal of any relevant charge.
    • The unjustified withdrawal period is 14 days from delivery of the product. The withdrawal, in principle, shall be made in accordance with (Greek) Law no. 2251/1994. The form with the withdrawal statement is attached below in .doc format file.

    6b) Returning products with a charge of

    • A return of a product with a charge of can be made only in cases where the order is not executed correctly ie in cases where the product delivered is different from the one that was ordered in species or quantity or in cases where the packaging of the product is completely or partly damaged or in case it is confirmed that the product has defects.
    • Please check the integrity of the products ordered. If you find that the product that is delivered to you by the transport company has external damage, you should mention it in writing on the bill of lading of the transport company.
    • As you may observe, our packages are excellent and protect our products during transportation. However a damage may be caused to the products during transport. In that case, please keep the original packaging of the product, along with the worn / beaten product, take a picture of the box, of the label of the box and of the damage caused to the product shipped and send us the pictures with a brief description at or call us at +30 2310-428330 within three days of receipt of your order to arrange return of the product and shipment of a new one. Additional transport costs shall be borne by our company. Regarding replacement, the product packaging and the sales document need to bekept (receipt / invoice).
    • In this case, the client must either not accept the delivery of the product from the start, or claim its return, upon communication with
    • Products must be returned in the condition received by the customer.
    • If they are not returned within the term agreed, is entitled not to accept the return and therefore refuse to replace.
    • In all cases, the return of the product in order to be replaced should be done with all documents accompanying the product (eg Consignment Note, Invoice, Retail Receipt etc) and its complete package.
    • The return shall be made with personnel and means of transport chosen by
    • In case of return, and provided that the products have previously been received and checked, the refund to the customer shall be made by cancelling the charge of the credit card.
    • In case of return concerning goods paid by COD, the refund shall be made by bank deposit to a bank account the customer will indicate. (No refund for shipping costs shall be made)
    • In case the products are returned damaged or incomplete, reserves the right to claim compensation from the client, the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the goods and shall make unilaterally and unconditionally a total or partial offset of its claim with the client’s.
    • The warranty period shall not be extended, renewed or otherwise affected due to subsequent sale, repair or replacement of the product.

    6c) Return of products with the customer’s charge

    • A product may be returned with the customer's charge, in cases where the customer for any reason, other than the above, changed his mind and no longer wants to purchase the product, if the below-mentioned period has not expired, by sending them back, bearing the shipping costs, upon request with, as in the two above mentioned cases, and the product must be in perfect condition with all original documents accompanying the product (eg Consignment Note, Invoice, Retail Receipt etc) and full packaging. (Within 14 calendar days).
    • In case of return of the products, and provided that the products have been previously received and checked by
    • The refund to the customer shall be made by cancelling the charge of the credit card, which shall be made with the diligence of
    • In case of return of products paid by COD, the refund shall be made by bank deposit in a bank account that the customer will indicate. (No refund shall be made for shipping costs).
    • In case the products are returned damaged or incomplete, reserves the right to claim compensation from the client, the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the goods and shall make unilaterally and unconditionally a total or partial offset of his claim with the client’s.
    • Returning products that are considered defective on delivery (DOA)
    • In case one or more products is/are considered defective on delivery (DOA), its return shall be made with the charge of
    • The return of products which are considered defective on delivery (DOA) shall be accepted within ten (10) calendar days from the delivery thereof to the customer.
    • At the same time, the product must not be damaged and have all original documents accompanying the product (eg Consignment Note, Invoice, Retail Receipt etc) and its full packaging.
    • The refund to the customer shall be made by cancelling the charge of the credit card, which shall be made with the diligence of
    • In case of return of products paid by COD, the refund shall be made by bank deposit in a bank account that the customer will indicate. (No refund shall be made for shipping costs).
    • If the customer has purchased a product that was considered to be defective on delivery (DOA), and is entitled to return it, according to the above, upon communication with, then he may return the additional products of its kind, as well.
    • The warranty period shall not be extended, renewed or otherwise affected due to subsequent sale, repair or replacement of the product.

    6d) Warranty conditions:

    All of our products are covered by a quality guarantee for 2 years from the date it was purchased. If there is a product that has a longer or shorter quality warranty, then it shall be indicated in the description of the respective website.

    • The product warranty runs from the date of purchase as long as the following conditions are met:
    1. Provide the receipt of purchase.
    2. The fixed components of the product are not altered (Trademarks, product codes, Serial No., etc.)
    3. They are in excellent condition without external sensory defects.

    6e) The warranty does not cover:

    • Normal wear.
    • Products that have undergone modification, misuse, negligence, accident, improper maintenance, repair by anyone other than the service of

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