House in Kalamaria



A very pretty apartment in Kalamaria that is completely designed by "T Square Architects" This talented yound team of architects, has fullfilled the dream house of a young couple. Afer understaning their clients' needs, they have designed custom made spaces to make this magnificent appartment.

Area Domus was chosen to furnish almost all the house. Lighting and accessories were also bought from Area Domus. Top foreign manufacturers like: "Alberta", "Porada", "Varaschin" were chosed among others. For lighting "Foscarini" and "Kartell". All the furniture and light choices are combined ideally and form a very functional and beatiful environment.

It is important to mention that both architects and owners showed special interest in the technology of their chosen furniture as well as designer and of course the prices. They are very satisfied with the service of Area Domus and the quality of products in their home.

and..we are double satisfied! :-)