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    Barba Corsini GUBI
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    • Ana Pendant
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    Ana Pendant GUBI


    In 1955 Barba Corsini renovated the loft space within Antonio Gaudi's famous building 'La Pedrera' in Barcelona, transforming it from a simple laundry room and storage area into 13 modern duplex apartments. Corsini used a series of parabolic arcs to create individual rooms and give an illusion of space and height. To reinforce the modernist style of the rooms, Corsini decorated the apartments with furniture that he designed himself, including Pedrera lamps and tables.
    The Pedrera coffee table was originally designed by Corsini to match his Pedrera lamp series. The inspiration for the base of both the table and the lights came from the vaulted ceilings of the famous house of 'La Pedrera” whilst the cylindrical shape and unique, perforated detail of the chimneys influenced the form of the lampshades. The two new lamps, a pendant (ANA) and table lamp (ABC), are an evolution of the original Pedrera floor lamp design. Taking the perforations that feature on the original as inspiration for the new designs, there is now a new, slim, elongated pendant lamp and a second, smaller table lamp. The ANA pendant lamp is designed by Corsini in collaboration with Joaquim Ruiz Millet, while the ABC table lamp, is designed by Ruiz Millet as a tribute to Corsini. Both new lamps will be available in three colors - black, white and red. In addition, the new table lamp will also be available in blue.

    Available Designs
    Pendant lamp
    Table lamp (nickel, black, orange, white and light blue ) H: 34 cm Ø: 13 cm
    Floor lamp (white, black) H: 112 cm Ø: 39 cm

    25-30 Days

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